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NoiseVu technology provides real-time monitoring for instant detection of glass breaks, vehicle activity, gunshots, and more.

The NoiseVu Advantage


NoiseVu combines the most advanced audio based machine learning with high performance sensors to offer a product that improves public safety any location. NoiseVu helps customers protect spaces like schools, businesses, road ways, and public areas from a range of threats and crime. NoiseVu also offers flexible options for network and power connectivity, making installation of our system fast and incredibly affordable. Check out the links below to explore our full range of products and technologies.

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AXIS Compatibility

Perspective Components Inc.'s NoiseVu technology is compatible with Axis network video products. Our Company is a member of the AXIS Application Development Partner Program, giving us exclusive tools and resources to add custom video capabilities to your NoiseVu system. This also allows us to integrate NoiseVu technology with your existing AXIS security system. Connect with us today to learn how you can use AXIS and NoiseVu technology together


NoiseVu Partner Program

NoiseVu technology offers a range of advantages to improve commercial security. The flexibility and low cost of our products makes them a viable option for almost any security objective. These qualities make our technology an ideal addition for projects like solar installation, construction, architecture, and security system integration. This is why we offer exclusive partner programs for businesses that are interested in offering our technology as part of their catalog. Our United States based partners receive a revenue share when integrating our technology. We also offer installation services training for our partners. If you are interested in becoming a NoiseVu Partner, contact us with the form below or by email!

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