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Gunshot Focused Features

NoiseVu's technology offers a competitive alternative to traditional acoustic gun shot monitoring. NoiseVu provides the unique capability of combining traditional audio sensors with our revolutionary parking sensors (with Audio Based Security) to provide the best gunshot monitoring coverage available today.


Gunshot Detection

NoiseVu's audio monitoring allows for instant identification of gunfire both indoors and outdoors. With NoiseVu's wide range of Network and Power options, this capability can be deployed anywhere.


Gunshot Triangulation

NoiseVu's audio monitoring enables the triangulation of gunfire both indoors and outdoors. The ability to instantly locate gunshots provides valuable time savings for law enforcement, military personnel, and security forces responding to these events.


Crime Data Trends

NoiseVu's audio monitoring produces highly accurate location data. This data can be used to visualize short and long term gun violence trends and identify problem areas to prevent future incidents.

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